GSD Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Moore, Diamond Ridge Elementary STS

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Blended Learning at Diamond Ridge Elementary

Diamond Ridge has one Chromebook for every student in all grade levels this year.

Their School Technology Specialist, Ashley Moore, works with teachers and students in the classroom

to help them integrate the technology in fun and meaningful ways.

On this visit to Diamond Ridge, Ashley pushed into a fifth grade class with Mrs. George and a first grade class with Mrs. Harbaugh.

Cindy George, 5th Grade

Mrs. George’s 5th graders learned about using onomatopoeia in their writing and picked up some new tech skills along the way.

Students write poems with onomatopoeia words in Google Slides

Her students drafted poems using Google Slides. After writing their poems, students used the Screencastify Chrome extension to video record themselves reading their poems.

Students record themselves reading their poems using the Screencastify Chrome Extension

They then posted their poems to a shared wall using Padlet, where all the poems could be enjoyed by the whole class.

Stephanie Harbaugh, 1st Grade

Mrs. Harbaugh’s 1st graders learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and practiced using the Chromebook trackpad.

Trackpad practice with plant life cycles

Ashley taught Mrs. Harbaugh how to use LanSchool with her students, so that getting websites and documents out to her little learners is easy.

Ashley Moore and Stephanie Harbaugh set up LanSchool, a classroom computer management tool

Many thanks to Mrs. Moore, Mrs. George, Mrs. Harbaugh, and their students at Diamond Ridge Elementary for allowing us a peek into their blended learning classroom activities.

Spotlight Created by Teresa Bruin, Educational Technology Specialist and Team Leader.