January 2018

Spotlight: Kearns Jr. High Hacks Attendance With QR Codes

Spotlight: Digital Breakouts at Calvin Smith

Epic Reads: YA Book Reviews, Awards, Videos, Authors, Blogs and More!

Tech Tip: Force Users To Make a Copy of Google Drive Files

The Online Module for Google Classroom is Now Open

Spotlight: The Students are Breaking Out Digitally at Calvin Smith Elementary

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Third Grade Students in Kimberly Cretsinger's classroom at Calvin Smith Elementary worked collaboratively to solve clues in the Digital Breakout challenge they were given. Digital Breakouts are a newer component of the already well know Breakout EDU website. Instead of physically unlocking boxes by finding and solving clues, students unlock digital levels of a breakout mystery. Questions contain a variety of content aligned challenges. The storyline for this Digital Breakout explained that students had accidentally been locked into their classroom and would miss the bus if they didn't solve all the clues to Breakout.

Students worked in groups using their classroom Chromebooks to solve the mystery. Watch the short video above to see these 3rd Grade Problem Solvers hard at work to Breakout!

The Online Module for Google Classroom is Now Open

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The Google Classroom online module is part of a course for those looking to learn the basics of using Google Classroom.

You can work on the Google Classroom online module at your convenience. A video and a short quiz are included.

You can retake the quiz as often as needed to reach a passing score of 80% or higher.

Once you have passed the quiz, you will be able to print your licensure points certificate.

2 licensure points can be earned for successfully completing this online module.

Click Here to Get Started

Tech Tip: Force Users to Make a Copy of Google Drive Files

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There are several ways to easily have students get their own copy of a Google Drive file you have, including using the built in "Make a Copy" feature in Google Classroom, but we like this trick too! shows you how it's done.Thank you Pam Moeai, Educational Technology Specialist, for sharing this tech tip!

Here are the steps to create a Forced Copy of your Google Drive Files. Visit the website above for more details and a video tutorial.
  1. Keep docs you want students to edit as "Private"
  2. Get the shareable link
  3. Copy the link
  4. Open a new tab
  5. Paste the link into the URL
  6. Replace everything past the last back slash to "copy" (without the quotations)
  7. Hit Enter
  8. You should now see the "force copy" window
  9. Copy that URL
  10. Use that URL to link the students to the doc

Epic Reads: YA Book Reviews, Awards, Videos, Authors, Blogs and More!

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Epic Reads is a digital community designed to connect readers with Harper Teen authors and books. Epic Reads has a fabulous Youtube channel and website

filled with Young Adult book reviews, book awards, authors, a blog and more. Check out the Epic Reads Youtube Channel and the Epic Reads Website to learn more.

Spotlight: Kearns Jr. High Hacks Attendance With QR Codes

This school year Kearns Junior High implemented a new program in which teachers take attendance by scanning QR codes in student binders at the door at the beginning of class. This simple technology trick saves teachers and students time by eliminating the awkward roll call process, provides more accurate attendance data, makes students more aware of when they are tardy, and gives the teachers the opportunity to greet their students at the door and get to know them better. Toni Blattman, Library Media Educational Technology Specialist, explains the program in the video above.

Spotlight created by Celia Powell, District Educational Technology Specialist and Team Leader.