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Learn More About Your TIPS Cards and the Technology Integration Progress Program

The SAMR Model: Amber Palmer, Bennion Elementary STS Spotlight

Learn More About Your TIPS Cards and the Technology Integration Progress Program


Your TIPS cards have arrived or will very soon! Read below to learn about the purpose of the TIPS cards and the Technology Integration Progress Program.

Technology Integration Progress Cards – 2017-2018 Set

For the 2017-18 school year, teachers in Granite School District will receive a set of “TIP Cards” — Technology Integration Progress Cards. Designed to be a quick desk reference, they provide instructions and tips for classroom technology tools and digital learning resources. Arranged into three levels of difficulty and expertise, the initial set of 32 cards covers basics like troubleshooting the classroom sound system and setting up Gradebook, as well as intermediate and advanced topics like growing your professional learning network through social media and enhancing a lesson plan with augmented reality tools.
The topic pages linked above expand beyond the quick helps of the TIP Cards by providing video and/or written tutorials for district tools, as well as by curating many of the best digital learning resources available to teachers and students. Both the cards and the topic pages will be added to throughout the school year as new tutorials, tools, and resources are created and provided. School technology specialists and library media educational technology specialists may also add school-specific TIP cards to your collection.

Please keep the cards handy at your desk, and feel free to explore the topics above to find many great resources and helps. If you are looking for help with a specific resource or problem you can also use the “Search this website…” box in the right sidebar. You can always get back to this page by typing into your web browser.

TIP Requests

Do you have a great idea for a new TIP Card to be added to a future expansion pack? Is there content missing from our web pages that you would like to see created sooner than later? Let us know via our Request and Suggestion Form.
++ Indicate future links to Technology Integration Progress resource pages not yet completed. These pages will be added to throughout the year, and we will post updates about new content on our blog and social media accounts. If you have a request or suggestion for new or additional content, please let us know.

The SAMR Model: Amber Palmer, Bennion Elementary STS Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight: Amber Palmer, Bennion Elementary

August 31, 2017

SAMR, Disneyland, and the STS

external image Amber-Palmer-School-Technology-Specialist-Bennion-Elementary.jpgWhat do the SAMR Model, Disneyland, and a dynamic School Technology Specialist all have in common? At first you may think that only two of these subjects are connected, but given the creative thinking of Amber Palmer, STS at Bennion Elementary, they create a beautiful symphony of thoughts and ideas that teachers at her school will enjoy all year long.
external image SAMR-Bulletin-Board.jpgAmber is an integral part of Granite’s Educational Technology Department. Her wit, intelligence, teaching abilities…and of course her love for Disneyland all come into play with an ingenious bulletin board that displays an easy to understand depiction of the SAMR Model using famous Disneyland favorites.

What Is SAMR?

SAMR is a model which can help teachers as they integrate technology into teaching and learning. SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition.


external image Substitution-Mark-Twain-Riverboat-e1504128518586.jpgThe Definition: Substitution is taking something that has been used in one way and continuing to use it in the same way without making significant changes.
The Example: This is like the Mark Twain Riverboat. The paddle moves and you go around the waterway. Pretty straightforward.
Teacher Connection: This is like a teacher having a student print out a worksheet to complete and turn in. Using a printer didn’t make it cooler at all!


external image Augmentation-Submarine-Voyage-e1504128460113.jpgThe Definition: Doing what you have always done, but putting a technology twist on it.
The Example: This is like the Submarine Voyage changing from the mechanical 20,000 Leagues theme to a technologically enhanced Finding Nemo theme!
Teacher Connection: This is like taking a Google Form quiz instead of a paper quiz.


external image modification-peter-pan-flight.jpgThe Definition: Using something you used before, but changing it so that it is done differently.
The Example: This is like Peter Pan’s Flight using FLYING boats instead of floating ones.
Teacher Connection: This is like instead of just writing an essay, you make a recording of your essay using authentic music that enhances it, AND you present it to a real audience.


external image Redefinition-Dumbo-the-Flying-Elephant-e1504130821227.jpgThe Definition: This process allows for things to happen that were not possible before.
The Example: Dumbo the Flying Elephant redefines WHAT can fly! Timothy and the magic feather are integral to Dumbo’s success!
Teacher Connection: Redefinition takes collaboration and a willingness to have big questions to dive into, and “lofty” projects to communicate this understanding with others.
We are lucky to have such innovative thinkers like Amber. Her willingness to think outside the box will inspire others to do the same. Way to go Amber!
Spotlight Author: Pam Moeai, Granite District Educational Technology Specialist
Interested in learning more about the SAMR Model? Explore this collection of resources from educator, librarian, and technology specialist Kathy Schrock:

Spotlight Authored by, Pam Moeai, Educational Technology Specialist

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Do you want your elementary students to learn to THINK?

Coding is a skill that requires the development of a growth mind-set, persistence, critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation.

AND, it's fun!

We are offering a class for elementary teachers on using Geared for anyone with low to high computer skills. After completion of the two 3 hour classes, and a simple assignment, you will receive 8 credit hours for re-licensure, a cool account and some fun swag.

Classes will be:

Tuesday October 17th and 24th from 4:30-7:30

Jackling Ed Tech Lab (The Ed Tech Lab is located on the SE corner of the Jackling Elementary Property)

3760 South 4610 West

West Valley, UT 84120-3702

Sign up here for this two night class.

Chromebooks Basics and G Suite Online Training


Are you just getting started with using Chromebooks in your classroom or will be soon?

You can earn 2 licensure points for successfully completing the Chromebooks Basics Online Module and also earn additional points for

completing other optional G Suite modules during the 2017-2018 school year.

Click Here to visit the Chromebooks and Google Apps in the Classroom Online Training Site to learn more and get started.

Chevron Fuel Your School Education Grant Opportunity

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Chevron is working with again this year to help K-12 teachers in public schools get the supplies they need for eligible public school classroom projects.

What do your students need? Microscopes, art supplies, books… The time period for submissions on is September 1, 2017, to November 3, 2017. Don’t wait—because the earlier you post your project during the submission period, the better your chance will be to receive funding.

Fuel Your School is a great chance to get supplies you need through the community with help from Chevron. See Fuel Your School Official Rules for all the details.